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The consulting firm quadmed AG was founded in Germany in 1998 and has been providing personal, professional advisory services for the healthcare industry ever since. In 2015, we began operating as an ‘AG’ (a public limited company) and moved our headquarters to Liechtenstein so as to better fulfil our international position. In addition to the logistical advantages that come with a central European location, we can also deal with client requests outside the European Economic Area (EEA) including Switzerland.
quadmed AG is made up of four strong divisions: the Corporate Consulting unit, our special Risk Insurance section, the Project Management department and our worldwide Social Commitment arm.

From business start-ups and the ownership succession planning of medical practices through to risk insurance for doctors, technical implementation of complete health centres and the management of hospital mergers, we are your one-stop-shop for all the skills and expertise that are important for your continuous economic success. Throughout our history, our renowned clients have come from Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria and we are receiving more and more business from Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France.
With our highly specialist risk insurance solution for doctors that covers possible subsequent costs after aesthetic operations, we have set international standards in the area of ‘subsequent cost insurance’.

As an internationally active company, with clear expertise in sustainable development, we also invest our knowledge in social projects and founded the SFEWA – Stiftung zur Förderung und Entwicklung Westafrikas (Foundation for the Advancement and Development of Western Africa).
We know how to turn your idea into a stable, future-orientated, secure livelihood!



Marcel Christ, CEO



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