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Risk Insurance (beautyprotect)

You need to secure your livelihood and your success and you need to do so in a way that is tailored to you and your services. In order to constantly provide our clients with the best risk insurance, we develop unique policies with industry-specific associations that cover everything empirically and realistically.
We have already revolutionised the insurance market with this approach and were pioneers in the field of subsequent cost insurance.
We have developed a new special policy that will insure the uniqueness of your daily work in a unique way. This policy, ‘beautyprotect’, is based on our international and professional experience and has been developed in close collaboration with industry associations. It is aimed at aesthetic and aesthetic-plastic surgeons, and provides highly specific insurance cover.
We see ourselves as perpetual pioneers; only then can we insure the latest market trends and developments for you promptly and realistically.

Please compare – we have our products tested and evaluated independently and objectively

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